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CRM on WordPress

A CRM running on WordPress makes sense for small to medium-sized businesses looking for an affordable, integrated solution within their existing website infrastructure. WordPress' extensive plugin ecosystem enables easy CRM integration and provides basic customer management functions directly from the website backend. This setup allows companies to manage customer interactions, sales and marketing efforts in one central location. However, effectiveness depends on specific needs and scale of operations, as more complex requirements may necessitate a dedicated CRM system.

Free of charge | website | public demo
Last updated: 1 day
CiviCRM is an open-source CRM designed for non-profits and civic sectors. It has evolved to offer more features, integrations, and improved user experience over the years.

From 20.00 € to 50.00 € /month //organisation | website | trial account
Last updated: 1 month
Groundhogg, launched in 2019, is a CRM and marketing automation plugin for WordPress, designed to streamline marketing efforts and customer management directly within the WordPress dashboard.

From 10.00 € to 25.00 € /month //user | website | public demo
Last updated: 1 month
Jetpack CRM is a customer relationship management plugin specifically designed for WordPress.

Free of charge | website | trial account
Last updated: 1 month
UpiCRM, from Israel, is a simple, free WordPress plugin for lead management and tracking, offering integration with various form builders.

From 9.00 € to 40.00 € /month //user | website | trial account
Last updated: 1 month
WP ERP is a full-featured, open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for WordPress, providing tools for CRM, HRM, Accounting, and Project Management.