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CRM running on Drupal

A CRM tool running on Drupal offers seamless integration with Drupal websites, leveraging Drupal's robust content management capabilities. You can expect flexible customization options, extensive module support for expanded functionality, and a strong community for support. However, it may require technical expertise to fully utilize its potential and integrate with non-Drupal systems.

Free of charge | website | public demo
Last updated: 1 day
CiviCRM is an open-source CRM designed for non-profits and civic sectors. It has evolved to offer more features, integrations, and improved user experience over the years.

Prices upon request | website |
Last updated: 1 month
Drupal CRM Core is a set of modules for managing contacts, activities, and relationships in Drupal (beware: probably a sleeping extension?)

Free of charge | website |
Last updated: 1 month
RedHen CRM is a Drupal-native CRM system for managing contacts, relationships, and engagement with a customizable, integrated framework within the Drupal environment.